Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Financial History Online Database with Cambridge Journals

Between June and July each year from 1994 until 2007, I was the bibliographer for the Financial History Review, a Cambridge History Journal. Starting January 2013, ten years of financial publications (2000-2010) were added to an Cambridge online database. Who -individually or through a library- subscribed to the journal itself will have direct access to it. This work was made possible thanks to Alexander Krügeran EUI History Researcher, which integrated the existing printed bibliography with the years of publication 2008-2009-2010 never published in the printed FHR journal. The creation and testing of the database took a whole year in 2012! The interface of the Cambridge Database is similar to the excellent African Bibliography online database (1984-) also published by Cambridge Journals.

The Financial History Review Bibibliography is an authoritative guide to works published in the field of Financial History since 1990. The Online database accessible through the Cambridge Journals Platform, is a consolidated version of the former printed bibliography that was published in the Financial History Review between 1994 (for the years 1991-1993) and 2009.

“Established in 1994, the CUP journal Financial History Review  has earned a solid international reputation as an academic journal committed to research of high scholarly standards. The Review deliberately seeks to embrace a broad approach to financial, banking and monetary history, which appeals to a wide audience of historians, economists and practitioners.”  The journal “welcomes different perspectives including analytical narratives, theoretically-inspired research, advanced empirical analysis, and the interrelations between history, finance, policy, culture and society. FHR provides a global perspective on national and international financial history and publishes research articles dealing with any historical period and country or regional area.” [...] (“The Financial History Review is indexed by the following services: EBSCO Historical Abstracts, EBSCO America: History and Life, Scopus, IBSS: International Bibliography of the Social Science, RePEc: Research Papers in Economics, IDEAS, RHS Bibliography, JISCRI Journals Tables of Contents, EconLit, American Economic Association, IB.”)

At the moment, the financial bibliography of books, books chapters and journals articles published between 1991 and 1999 is not yet included in the online database.

The European Association for Banking and Financial History in Frankfurt-am-Main (EABH)  and Cambridge University Press are collaborating to digitise additional records dating back to the first appearance of the bibliography in the Financial History Review in 1994. At the moment (May 2013), the Bibliography brings together, in a searchable database, every record collected since 2000 and up to 2010.

The search form allows quick and advanced searching and limiting capacities using Boolean operators. The FHR bibliography database will be regularly updated.

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